Benefits of Dividend Paying Stocks

More than an Investor When you own stock in a company or many companies such as through a fund, you are more than just an investor, you become a small owner in those businesses. So if the business does well you can expect the share price to rise which increases the value of your investment. … Read more

Top 10 Techniques That Will Make You Rich

Regardless of your current financial situation, there are several strategies you can use that can make you rich. There are no guarantees in life, but you can greatly increase the odds in your favour. Intelligent decisions and consistent behaviour are all you need. These strategies needed to create wealth are available to everyone: Have multiple … Read more

Our Love Hate Relationship with Government

The easiest job any person can have is to be a critic. It takes no actual experience or training. You simply look for flaws in any plan and attack away. We love to criticize everything. Lately the brunt of our criticisms is centered on hot topics like inflation, government debt, and taxes. A Love-Hate Relationship … Read more

Stay In The Black – How To Create A Budget

Creating a budget is the key to staying in control of your money and avoiding financial stress. This comprehensive guide will help you learn how to create a budget that keeps you in the black. No complex jargon, no financial wizardry – just practical, everyday advice to keep you in the black. Why Budgeting Matters … Read more

The Top 5 Financial Mistakes Young Couples Should Avoid

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The Tax-Free First Home Savings Account

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, but it can also be financially challenging. That’s where the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account comes into play. This plan offers a practical and tax-efficient way for Canadians to save for their first home. Let’s explore how this registered savings account can be the key to your … Read more

Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses Without Changing Your Lifestyle

You’ve probably come to the realization that it’s sometimes very difficult to use shrinking finances to maintain the same quality of life. As things get tougher, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to do the things you enjoy without sacrificing everyday financial needs. You may be surprised to know how easy it is to find … Read more