Mr Idea started out broke! Mr and Mrs Idea could cash their monthly paycheck at the corner gas station it was so small. Yes there were corner gas stations. And yes, Mr Idea is that old.

Eventually, Mr and Mrs Idea owned a large home with and indoor pool. We took our kids on trips regularly.Today, Mr and Mrs Idea live in a beautiful condo, and when Covid-19 is not rampant, travel and cruise the world.

Along the way, Mr Idea has developed excellent money management skills. He discovered that it’s not so much what comes in, but rather what goes out that influences financial health. dHe has helped many people establish excellent personal finance management skills. He would be pleased to help you do the same.

Although not an accountant, Mr Idea has served as treasurer for both small local associations and large national associations and corporations.

Mr Idea started ManageYourMoney.ca to help others develop personal financial skills too. He provides both free materials and inexpensive courses on this site.

Mr Idea does not provide advice on specific investments.