The Financial Impact of Hitting the Mortgage Trigger Point

Imagine someone pointing a gun at you and your future hangs on that person’s finger pressing against the trigger. It’s a situation none of us ever want to face. Unfortunately, there is a similar situation happening to many people these days. It even has a similar name: trigger point. What’s a Trigger Point? So what … Read more

The Closest Thing To A Free Financial Lunch

When it comes to investing there’s an inevitable rule that tends to drive people crazy. Everybody wants the best possible growth for their investment dollar, and we all want that growth with minimal risk. Risk-Growth Relationship The inevitable rule is that risk and growth share a rather nasty love–hate relationship. In order to achieve better … Read more

Is Crypto Investment, Speculation, or Gambling?

Is Crypto Investment, Speculation, or Gambling? There’s an age old piece of investment advice that states one must never invest in something you can’t understand. Well, ten years on and I still have no idea how cryptocurrency works. Even more, I simply don’t want to understand. The idea of an investment that has few governing … Read more

The Importance of Patience in Achieving Financial Success

We live in a world where life moves quickly. Whether it’s rushing along the road to get to work on time, getting the kids to sports activities or attending meetings, everything seems to move us along quickly. There’s nothing wrong with living life quickly. Unfortunately, we’ve developed the poor habit of expecting quick results from … Read more