How to Set Financial Goals and Achieve Them

Setting financial goals is like planning a road trip. You need a map, a destination, and a plan to get there. Whether it’s a short drive to the next town or a cross-country adventure, having a clear idea of where you want to go makes the journey smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s talk about setting … Read more

7 Tips to Maximize Your Money and Prepare for Retirement

Why Start Early? When it comes to retirement, the earlier you plan and save, the better. With the power of compound interest and tax deferrals, starting early can make a significant difference. Let’s look at Susan’s journey, highlighting practical steps you can take to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement. Step 1: Visualize Your Retirement … Read more

The Financial Impact of Hitting the Mortgage Trigger Point

Imagine someone pointing a gun at you and your future hangs on that person’s finger pressing against the trigger. It’s a situation none of us ever want to face. Unfortunately, there is a similar situation happening to many people these days. It even has a similar name: trigger point. What’s a Trigger Point? So what … Read more