How Small Steps Lead to Your Financial Evolution

steps to changing
steps to changing
The learning process is often viewed as being cruel and painful because we typically learn by failing. Our failures force us to do better and as the saying goes we learn from our mistakes. Many people believe they can shortcut the learning process, bypass the unpleasantness of failure, and quickly change but unfortunately this rarely happens.

What Is Change?

Change is a difficult and challenging process. Change means an abrupt alteration in behaviours, habits, and comfortable routines. We have all heard the clichés – the hardest part of success is committing to begin, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so on. These sayings point out a reality of life.

Most efforts to abruptly change behaviours end in failure. Typical examples include the commitment to dieting, beginning an exercise program, or overcoming addictions. New Year’s Eve resolution’s are a classic example; the first sign of failure usually results in abandoning the program altogether.

Incremental Change

Real change takes time and happens incrementally. Only when you accept that there will be mistakes along the way and have the initiative to continue and learn from those setbacks will you begin to change. Rather than committing to change I prefer the term evolution. Classic evolution is the ability of living organisms to adapt to their environment and become stronger – survival of the fittest. In nature, this process takes millions of years.

Change is particularly difficult when it comes to money because learning to manage your finances usually happens through costly failures. Most of us will experience financial setbacks in our lifetime, and I made plenty. These expensive mistakes motivated me to learn and commit to improving my financial wisdom.

My Financial Evolution

financial evolutionMy financial evolution was a gradual process of changing lifelong habits in favour of new ones and the most difficult part for me was learning to make wise financial decisions. Of course this didn’t happen suddenly, but slowly, one step at a time, one decision at a time, I began to evolve my financial understanding and increase my financial wisdom.

It’s a great tragedy when people choose not to learn from their financial mistakes or commit to improving their financial wisdom. If you accept failure, you will continue to fail.

Step by Step, Slowly We Change

Every step to financial literacy requires learning and decisions. You can’t suddenly change and expect to know and understand the process. There’s no magic shortcut that bypasses mistakes and learning. But slowly, one step at a time, one decision at a time, you can evolve your financial wisdom. Expect it to take years. Evolution is a lifelong process.

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