32 Tips to Help Control Your Spending

32 Tips to help control your spending is a compilation of ideas from all over the web. A few of them may be somewhat attributable to my own experience. The tips are in no particular order, but they all have merit in their ability to help you to control your spending. Create a Budget and … Read more

Savvy Money Habits that Net You an Extra $200 a Month

Reach any or all of your goals with some savvy money habits that net you an extra $200 a month in savings! You may need an extra $200 in savings to get out of debt. Perhaps you want to save more to build a nest-egg. Maybe you want to retire early. It’s even possible that … Read more

Is Money Management Your Problem?

Do you believe that if you could just increase your income a bit, it would solve all of your money problems? What would you say if I told you that it was untrue? Many families that earn an excellent income still find themselves short of funds on a regular basis. More money would not solve … Read more

Planning a Budget That Sets You Free to Enjoy Life

Wouldn’t it be great to have enough money to live your life to its fullest, while still putting away plenty for a rainy day? Your dream can be your reality. If you’re willing to plan and stick to a budget. A well-planned budget enables you to do the things you need to do. And it … Read more

Welcome Quiz

I have another site Ways to Earn Money on the Side where I have had a number of requests to talk about personal financial management. As a matter of fact, most of my posts seemed to be heading that way, so I started a site devoted to the topic. So do you really need to … Read more