Profile – David

David PennaDavid has spent over thirty years working as a geologist in some of Ontario’s oldest mining camps. He started as an underground geologist, daily visiting the miners in their workplaces far beneath the earth. There’s a certain fascination with being hundreds of meters below solid rock, exploring the earth in a way few people will ever understand.

With experience, David became a supervisor, and eventually chief geologist. He was responsible for the three dimensional modelling of the underground mine and orebody, forecasting production, planning exploration, and detailed budgeting.

David lives in the same condo highrise building as MrIdea, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he shares his life with his soul mate Brenda. They enjoy camping, fishing, and travelling together.

David’s Retirement Plan

Having reached middle age, David Penna experienced a pre-retirement crisis. With little savings or assets remaining after a divorce, and no company pension to support his nearing retirement, David embarked on a journey of learning and discovery that enabled him to secure a comfortable retirement. His passion is to share that knowledge so that others may achieve the same goal.

David says, “I just can’t understand why people find it so difficult to visualize their future retirement and constantly focus on the present. It is possible to enjoy life sensibly for today and prepare for the future. We all deserve the pleasures of life and the certainty of a happy and secure retirement. The challenge is to find that magical balance.”

David can be found on Facebook, where the raw material for most of his posts was harvested.

David does not provide advice on specific investments.