Herd Mentality vs. Financial Freedom: Escaping the Norm

Social Boundaries Money has a way of breaking people into classes and throughout history we have always had a class system in our society. In our modern society we often talk about where the majority of people spend their lives – the middle class. This is merely the middle ground between two extremes; the poor … Read more

Retirement Schemes: Annuities, RRIFs, and Home Equity

Cat And Mouse Games The schemes described in this story may seem far-fetched but they are actually very common. The most popular one is called an annuity. Annuity Simply put, an annuity is a contract between you and a financial institution (usually, but not always, a life insurance company). The issuer accepts and invests funds … Read more

You Can Be a Slave No More

When I think of slavery I imagine southern cotton plantations with a master and workforce who laboured to keep their owner in luxury. Through work, service and loyalty a slave existed to satisfy the wants and needs of their master. When you are unable to go beyond satisfying your wants and merely exist to maintain … Read more

Welcome Quiz

I have another site Ways to Earn Money on the Side where I have had a number of requests to talk about personal financial management. As a matter of fact, most of my posts seemed to be heading that way, so I started a site devoted to the topic. So do you really need to … Read more