Mastering Retirement: Time, Money, and Opportunities

How would you describe retirement in a nutshell? Many people have interesting ideas of what their ideal retirement would look like and I’m no exception. Naturally I expected the best case scenario for my retirement. Can you imagine my surprise as the reality of a pandemic hit home early into my retirement. Definitely didn’t see … Read more

Retirement Money Mastery: 5 Budgeting Tips for Success

Saving money for retirement is important. Once you retire, if you don’t plan how to spend your money, it can be stressful. Here are some practical and frugal tips to ensure a successful retirement. 5 Retirement Budgeting and Money Management Tips Understand Your Finances Being frugal doesn’t mean overlooking essential financial strategies. It’s important to … Read more

The Brain’s Role in Achieving Money-Life Balance

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be natural wizards at money management while others struggle just to make ends meet? Is there some special gene required to be successful with money? I’ve found that virtually anyone can successfully manage their money, live sensibly for today while saving for the future, and achieve … Read more

You Can Be a Slave No More

When I think of slavery I imagine southern cotton plantations with a master and workforce who laboured to keep their owner in luxury. Through work, service and loyalty a slave existed to satisfy the wants and needs of their master. When you are unable to go beyond satisfying your wants and merely exist to maintain … Read more